Liposculpture Guide


The length of time it takes to recover from liposculpture will depend on several factors, but most patients will be up and about, doing their normal, day-to-day activities within about 7 days. Within a couple of months, most patients are completely healed. The recovery process, however, is contingent somewhat on following your doctor's instructions and taking care of yourself by eating right and getting plenty of rest following the procedure.

Immediately After Liposculpture Surgery

If you had local anesthetic (rather than general anesthetic) during your liposculpture procedure, it is likely that you will leave the hospital or facility shortly after the surgery. Most patients are permitted to go home about 30 minutes after the operation.

If, however, you had general anesthetic, you will be required to stay at the hospital or facility longer while your vital signs are being monitored. Some patients have unpleasant side effects from general anesthesia and so staff often observe patients for problems like nausea and vomiting or dizziness.

Going Home

Doctors recommend that patients have someone drive them home from the hospital following liposculpture. Ideally, someone will stay with the patient for twelve to twenty four hours as well to help out with things like taking medications at regularly scheduled times.

Patients will likely experience mild to severe pain immediately following the surgery, however within a few days, the pain turns into more of a discomfort. Patients are often prescribed pain medications to make them more comfortable in the initial days following the procedure.

In the first few days following liposculpture, patients may have some leakage from their incisions which is normal. This fluid is a mixture of lidocaine and adrenaline, the saline solution that was used to make the fat cells in the target area tumesce. Leakage from the incisions can help keep swelling and bruising to a minimum.

It is important to keep drinking fluids and get plenty of rest in the first few days after the procedure. Moving around may also be encouraged to keep the blood circulating in your body and prevent dangerous blood clots from forming.

One to Two Week Following Surgery

Within a week, you can expect to return to work and start engaging in normal activities, however your doctor may recommend that you wait at least a month before you begin doing heavy or strenuous exercise. Your doctor will encourage you to take showers, but bathing and soaking in water may be discouraged because of the risk of infection.

Patients typically note that most of the swelling goes down after the first seven days following treatment. Within a few weeks, the remainder of the swelling and bruising will disappear. Patients may be given compression garments and anti-inflammatory medications to help keep swelling to minimum during this time. Numbness is also common following liposculpture. It may take a few weeks to a few months to get all the feeling back in the target area.

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